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Putting new equipment to the test


I've recently purchased a bunch of new equipment from from I've added some gadgets to my video setup, but we will go through that later.

But this time I bought two new oubau 300w flash heads after being quite satisfied with the bigger 600w version. But in this post I'll focus on something else - my new bag for lighting equipment. The brand is the Chinese boling, which is why it costs 995 DKK instead of 4000 DKK which is price of a similar Bowens or Tenba version. I purchased it knowing I had a job across sea where I had to fly back and forth. I've tried this once before with a bag from interfit that failed miserably. Now was the time to see if my new carrier would stand the test.

Attitude Hair booked me for a job in Aalborg this week, where I had to fly to their headquarters (and back again, so I could make it to the movies in the evening), so this was an opportun moment to put new bag to the test.





Here's a photo of the bag after the first part of the trip - proudly holding my 3 Oubau flash heads along with 3 light stands, a reflection umbrella and 3 keylight modifiers. The bag did what it was supposed to do - carry my equipment, and carry it well. I saw the flight crew toss around with the bag before takeoff, but everything still works.


I will of course show the finished photos from that job soon enough - Until then, here's me having fun the prints of some of my photos at their offices.


Retouch Copenhagen – learn about photoshop

During the first 11 hours, 14 of the 30 seats at this years Retouch Copenhagen has been taken. If You want to be a part of this great initiative hurry up and visit the website of the man behind it all - Michael Bang.

He will be teaching about his approach to photoshop, where I will be doing the same.

When? Saturday 10. december from 10-17

Where? Go sign up and find out.


Peace out!




Retouch Copenhagen



A photoshop video on Youtube going through the roof

April last year, I posted a video tutorial on Youtube. It was my first tutorial in english, which doesn't come as a great surprise to those who watch it.

It had been generating a decent amount of views, but then all of a sudden this year, the amount of viewers started to climb.

1. October 2011, It had 250,000 views - one month later 500,000. At this point, it's generating about 8,000 views a day which is pretty damn good for a photoshop video on the internet.

Why so many viewers? I haven't got the slightest idea - but it's pretty darn awesome, and has definately inspired me to start doing more.

So if you have advices for any good screen capture software available out there, write it in the comments.

And what should I make a tutorial about next time?


[EDIT] I've posted a link to a bunch of brushes that could be used for this kinda effect at the bottom of the description field in the youtube video, but appearently, that's somewhat difficult to spot.

So here's a link for deviantart.coms brush section

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