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Every once in a while, online magazines contact me in order for them to feature some of my photos. This is a product of having your work available around different websites - some have seen my work at, others on modelmayhem and such. I have learned that you can never have your images too many places - all it takes is a little bit of work, but brewing a full pot of coffee and spending a late evening working on it, should do the trick.

This time, Uptempo magazine were the ones to feature 4 of my icy photos, which can be seen here on page 42-44 if I'm not mistaken:

Last time was in Klassik magazine issue nr 9 and 2 other magazines have my images featured soon.

I've decided to add a list of places you can have your images showcased other than your private gallery on facebook. Not all of them are equally as good, but they all serve the purpose somehow - I'll leave you to decide which ones to visit. - the biggest art site world wide to my knowledge and therefore easiest to drown in. - huge site with models, photoshop wizards, makeup-artists, stylists and photographs sharing and caring. - mostly used by danish models, photographers and  stylists - somewhat less professional than the other sites. - a list of photographers in Denmark. No reason not to be in here. - once the biggest forum for photography in Denmark - it still has a puls I think. - Submit your images and let the other photographers decide if you're hot enough for their exclusive club. - create your own webgalleries with good old flickr. - Thank you Frank


Now get to it!



Draw your world


My good friend and artist Kasper Købke, who you might know from this post, has started a non-profit organisation with danish cinematographer Kenneth Andreasen of, and dutch photographer Gaby Thijsse.

Their vision is to engage children all over the world in creativity - allowing them to be children and creative without concerns of what might else fill the daily life. This project is to be a much needed space to allow children to be children.

And where do I fit in?

I've worked with them from the start as a film photographer, and made this pilot video


The next step is South Africa:

In collaboration with the Dutch Tjommie Foundation ( DYW will in late January 2012 together with an international team of creative people travel to the village Elandsdoorn in South Africa for about 8 days.
The village is a unique project for HIV/AIDS-affected families, where they have the opportunity to live together, and also have free access to schooling, shopping, sports and leisure activities, and most importantly medical care.

As all non-profit organisations, they rely on donations, so if you're interested in either the concept or even making a donation, swing by their website at:

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