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Who am I

Jackie Chan spoke those exact words in one of the best movies of all times. So imagining You speaking those words, I'll try to answer as swiftly as my english tongue allows me.

I'm Adam, I'm 27 years old (well, that's gonna change every once in a while, so anno 2012, I'm 27 years old), I used to play the guitar, and now I take pictures for a living.

Well as much as I wanted that, It's not completely correct. Since I can't really make that much of  a living off of it, I'm now working in a company specializing in visual marketing analyses. I do the recruiting of photographers worldwide to become a part of our socalled Globalspotters (no worries, more will come), I work as project manager on differenct project and I do all the graphics and photos needed for that company.

With this blog, I hope to give other access to some of the great things I've stumbled upon, either by accident or by people linking stuff to me. It is my sincere hope that I can influence someone in some twisted way. Stay off drugs.

Oh yeah, and to finish it all - here he is:

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  1. Cool photo, nice blog too!

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