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Putting new equipment to the test


I've recently purchased a bunch of new equipment from from I've added some gadgets to my video setup, but we will go through that later.

But this time I bought two new oubau 300w flash heads after being quite satisfied with the bigger 600w version. But in this post I'll focus on something else - my new bag for lighting equipment. The brand is the Chinese boling, which is why it costs 995 DKK instead of 4000 DKK which is price of a similar Bowens or Tenba version. I purchased it knowing I had a job across sea where I had to fly back and forth. I've tried this once before with a bag from interfit that failed miserably. Now was the time to see if my new carrier would stand the test.

Attitude Hair booked me for a job in Aalborg this week, where I had to fly to their headquarters (and back again, so I could make it to the movies in the evening), so this was an opportun moment to put new bag to the test.





Here's a photo of the bag after the first part of the trip - proudly holding my 3 Oubau flash heads along with 3 light stands, a reflection umbrella and 3 keylight modifiers. The bag did what it was supposed to do - carry my equipment, and carry it well. I saw the flight crew toss around with the bag before takeoff, but everything still works.


I will of course show the finished photos from that job soon enough - Until then, here's me having fun the prints of some of my photos at their offices.


Dave Hill Photography behind the scenes

I love Dave Hill - everyone loves Dave Hill and his photography, or at least, everyone should if I was king of the world. Dave Hill photography should be state religion in the state of awesomeness.

That being said, Dave does post som Behind-the-scenes-videoes on his website from time to time - and here is one of the better ones


Photomeetup Copenhagen 2010

photomeetup copenhagen adam sund

This past saturday, hundreds of models and photographers were summoned to a deserted cargo building outside of Copenhagen. The photographer and blogger Michael Bang had spawned the idea for such a gathering and had hoped for 20-30 insterested, but the facebook event exploded into a staggering 450+ "attendies".

Around 250 people showed up, and without hesitation, models and photographers mingled and started shooting on this fantastic location.

I grouped up with a couple of old faces and a few new, and we did a total of 3 setups during the day. Thanks to Frank Visler, Michael Lykke Fog, Jimmi Larsen, Poul Majgaard and Camilla Hansen (and Bertil Melhof-Pedersen who joined at the last second) for putting up with my crazy and sometimes stupid ideas.

Unfortunately I didn't get to talk with nearly as many people as I would have liked, but I guess I'll just have to make up for that the next time (you already on it Mr. Bang? )

Here's a small video that one of the photographers made

And here's Michael Bang BehindTheScenes photos from the day


Shooting Rebound Rubies for a JBS campaign

About a week ago I had the pleasure of shooting with the lovely Rebound Rubies once again.

I've shot some of their previous press material, but this time, things were a bit different.

Things had changed a bit since last time, and now the band had just signed with Sony music and were to do a campaign with JBS underwear.

This resulted in us going in the studio to shoot for three different things - all in one day.

We arrived at Stilleben (the studio) at 8'o'clock in the morning, and took a taxi back 19.30 in the evening - in that period of time, we shot the campaign for the JBS which can be seen right here at

The first pressphoto (comissioned by JBS) is now on Rebound Rubies own website, and soon the cover and press photos will be released.
If you haven't checked them out, do yourself a favour and do so. They sure got themselves some talent.

Until then, enjoy yourself with some behind-the-scenes photos from taken by JBS and my great assistant Aske Rif Torbensen (who's stuff you might wanna check out - he's a rising star).

Here are a few of the final images for JBS - the rest can be seen at the sites I linked to earlier in this post.


Working in Forum

Now three weeks ago, I've spend a total of 38 hours in Forum where I've photographed 319 individual covers for the participants of the Lifestyle convention for the danish magazine Femina.

I was hired by Girlsquad, who had a booth at the convention, so with a white backdrop, my beloved octabank mounted on my Triopo 600w, and some rimlight shaped by my big softbox on my Boling, I started shooting.

When I say 319 covers, I mean shooting from 1 to 5 people at a time, choosing the final image, open it in Photoshop and applying the graphics - a process that ended up taking 2 minutes in total. I was the bomb.

I shot in Lightroom 3, which was the easiest thing I've ever experienced. The tethered shot function worked without any low key engineering needed, and I was able to do some presets, so that the images came with higher contrast, increased vibrance etc. (I had no time to photoshop, so this solution was a fine one).

Check out the   Friday gallery for examples.

My good friend and colleague Bertil-Melhof Pedersen over at did some BTS shots of it all.


Arev Manoukian creates art – a fantastic short film

Some of you might have noticed a shift from only focusing on photography to also paying a bit more attention to music videoes and the film media.

A month back, I decided to explore the world of film- and video making and have had my first short film experiences as a film photographer. I've also joined forces with Copenhagen Records, more specifically their "BETA" department which makes documentary videoes on their artists. So far I've worked with Peter Sommer, Simon Quamm, Silja and Carpark North - which have all been fantastic people and experiences.

But this does not mean that I'm leaving behind photography or is converting this blog to something different. There will still be lots of photo geeking, photoshop and me doing tutorials. Fear not.

That being said, do yourself to check this short film out by Arev Manoukain. I saw it about a year ago, but was reminded of it today:

Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.

and the making of it:

Making Of Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.


Mom, look I’m on TV

A few years back, I was called out as a assistant/computer tech for a photographer, who needed someone to manage the computer while a film crew was shooting for a tv show about people loosing weight.

That computer techie was me, and three days ago, I found the clip, seeing it for the first time.

So I present - myself:

The photographer is Heidi Maxmilling.


Shooting Rachel once more

Not long ago I shot some press photos for the danish musician Rachel which actually ended up in C'est magazine.

This time, the beautiful Rachel was made a bit more predatorial, and all though I can't reveal the final image yet, I CAN show you the video made at the shoot:

The video by Bertil-Melhof Petersen


Making music videos with 5dmk2

When 5d mk2 first arrived, most were left stunned by the Vincent Laforet video that transpired the internet.  Since then, a lot of things have happened - more hd dslsrs have been released, which has suddenly made a market for movie equipment for these dslrs. An example of how this is used, can be seen below. This Medina video has been filmed with 5dMK2 and a shoulder rig.

And here's the behind-the-scenes video. Not the most informative, but it does give you an idea how little equipment they've been using.

So why am I suddenly posting videoes about how to make videoes? Because I'm secretly in love with video making. I don't have any experience with it, but if someone would offer me to sit along while such videoes were made, I would definately say yes and try to learn as much as possible.


Photoshoot with Kasper Købke

Some weeks back, I was called out on an assignment for Kasper Købke, a good friend whom I've worked with on several occasions.

He is a very talented artist who does enourmous drawings - yes drawings. He creates cityscapes with nothing but a pencil.

I know what you're thinking and the link to his site is right here

As soon as the photos are used, I'll let you know what they're supposted to be used for - but until then, you're all free to guess.

And of course the BTS photos.

Thanks to Bertil For great assistance

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