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Mobster fashion

Mette Bundgaard who is a teacher at a makeup school in Copenhagen contacted me to pitch this idea - a photoshoot with 50's mafia theme and her students as makeup artists and stylists for the shoot. They had full control of picking models, outfits and styling them to this shoot - all they needed was a photographer.

Mette had already pitched an idea for location, which we scouted before the shoot. It was the restaurant Fabio in Copenhagen, which had a very authentic wine cellar, but very small rooms and quite low ceiling. We decided to have a go at it anyways, and here's what we ended up with.





Styling and makeup

Michelle Sun Voigt

Susana Flores

Lena Steinicken Jensen

Jannie Rostkjær Brender


Jonas Jacobsen

Mika Sahbaz

Amanda Hundrup

Cira Beenfeldt

Emilie Stausholm


Copenhagen Photomeetup 2012 – workshop photos

copenhagen photomeetup 2012

Last weekend, Michael Bang did the third consecutive Copenhagen Photomeetup - you might remember my posts from 2011 and 2010.

This year, I had been invited to do a workshop, so knowing how the setup usually was, and what a sweet location we had to work with, I focused on action, superheroes and movie poster inspiration.


Trine and Eric helped me as badass superheroes (superhero and sidekick actually) which ended up as seen below.

During the workshop, I demonstrated how color gels helped change the scene drastically and add drama to a shoot. Without gels, the shot looked like this:


I started out with red gels in front of the rim light in the right hand corner (from our point of view) which looked like this

I changed it to yellow for balance purposes and... I have a thing for teal orange, but I guess I'm not the only one.

Wanna see what I mean, check out these movie posters

Here's another shot followed by a closeup of the sidekick in background

Check out the epicness of that shit - yellow and blue gels will get you far my friends.




Putting new equipment to the test


I've recently purchased a bunch of new equipment from from I've added some gadgets to my video setup, but we will go through that later.

But this time I bought two new oubau 300w flash heads after being quite satisfied with the bigger 600w version. But in this post I'll focus on something else - my new bag for lighting equipment. The brand is the Chinese boling, which is why it costs 995 DKK instead of 4000 DKK which is price of a similar Bowens or Tenba version. I purchased it knowing I had a job across sea where I had to fly back and forth. I've tried this once before with a bag from interfit that failed miserably. Now was the time to see if my new carrier would stand the test.

Attitude Hair booked me for a job in Aalborg this week, where I had to fly to their headquarters (and back again, so I could make it to the movies in the evening), so this was an opportun moment to put new bag to the test.





Here's a photo of the bag after the first part of the trip - proudly holding my 3 Oubau flash heads along with 3 light stands, a reflection umbrella and 3 keylight modifiers. The bag did what it was supposed to do - carry my equipment, and carry it well. I saw the flight crew toss around with the bag before takeoff, but everything still works.


I will of course show the finished photos from that job soon enough - Until then, here's me having fun the prints of some of my photos at their offices.


Jeppe and the Jazz hyenas


Working as a photographer I get to work with lots of different people - some more used to standing in front of a camera than others.

Jeppe Vig Find is one of the people very used to acting in front of a camera - he's been working as a host on childens TV and is now working with Jazz for childen.


Here are the final images. He wanted a portrait with a little twist, hence the fur, and another party crazy like photography of him reaching out for a younger version of himself.






Jeppe Vig Find

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Girlsquad – commercial photography


The agency Girlsquad has been a client of mine for a couple of years now, and each time they need commercial shots done, they give me a ring, like their Christmas card last time.

Some months ago, they hired me to portrait 3 of their lovely employees in campain photos for Toyota and Carlsberg - these were the 2 final images.


Beauty photography – It’s all about the…

Makeup and model and styling.

Making these images below, is 80% awesome makeup, styling, hair and model performance.

I've said it a few times before, but working with professionals such as Kenneth Holm Godskesen and Sandra Vester, makes my job so much easier.


Shot with a diffused Beauty dish and a larger softbox further behind



And from the same session, but a bit different and a bit more Jill Greenberg Ish:

Photoshop? Not that much actually.



Men and their hats

January this year, I did a photo shoot with some of my friends - the theme was men in the nude, wearing nothing but their favourite hat.

I'm not gonna go any further into why I did these photos, other than I wanted honest photos of these guys.






Photomeetup 2011 – the aftermath

I was supposed to do a blog post about the photomeetup, the day after, but after a freak accident with my neck, I spend most of the day in the emergency room, and since then, I've been drugged up with pain killers.

As those of you, who participated, Photomeetup 2011 was a huge success. Once again, Michael Bang managed to gather several hundred photgraphers, models and makeup artists for this fantastic and free event. Michael Bang himself did a mini workshop, and I did the same.

To those of you who joined in, here's the unedited picture of Kiki

And here's what it looks like after a quick edit


Just kidding

Here's what I ended up with - a bit cropped, and cloned out the speed lights.

I decided to crop closer, since the background ended up being a bit too empty, and we ended up too far away from our subject.




Photomeetup Copenhagen 2011

Last year, Michael Bang managed go gather more than 250 photographers, models and makeup artists with his inspiring initiative, Photomeetup Copenhagen.

This year, more than 600 has pushed that little "attend" button, and although facebook events have a tendency to promise more than what is realistic concerning attendees, I have a strong feeling that we will have a load of photo enthusiasts on this years Meetup.

Michael Bang has sported a website for this years event, where more information can be seen. 

I'll be there as well doing a small on-location workshop in my kind of photography (feel free to come and say Hi).

Let's see if We'll be able to something equally as freaky this year

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Beauty photography – photo session

Kenneth Holm Godskesen is a rising star in the world of makeup -  He won the danish makeup championships followed by the European championship as well.

I had the distinct pleasure of working with him on the satyr and nymph shooting not long ago, and with a great experience back then, We decided to meet up again.

Models Sandra Vester and Christina Berg were both up for some beauty photography, so we hooked up in my studio and played around.

Some hours and 16,7 GB of awesome material later, we could look through the pictures in exaltation. I had to leave for New York shortly after, so I haven't had to edit more than these 4 photos, but you can bet your arse, that more will come.

These photos are a product of freaking amazing models and an equally amazing makeup artist (and stylist).

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