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Copenhagen Photomeetup 2012 – workshop photos

copenhagen photomeetup 2012

Last weekend, Michael Bang did the third consecutive Copenhagen Photomeetup - you might remember my posts from 2011 and 2010.

This year, I had been invited to do a workshop, so knowing how the setup usually was, and what a sweet location we had to work with, I focused on action, superheroes and movie poster inspiration.


Trine and Eric helped me as badass superheroes (superhero and sidekick actually) which ended up as seen below.

During the workshop, I demonstrated how color gels helped change the scene drastically and add drama to a shoot. Without gels, the shot looked like this:


I started out with red gels in front of the rim light in the right hand corner (from our point of view) which looked like this

I changed it to yellow for balance purposes and... I have a thing for teal orange, but I guess I'm not the only one.

Wanna see what I mean, check out these movie posters

Here's another shot followed by a closeup of the sidekick in background

Check out the epicness of that shit - yellow and blue gels will get you far my friends.




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Controversial Photography – Jonathan Hobin

The image above is by Jonathan Hobin, a canadian photographer and art director who just happens to make awesomee and provocative scenes - especially in his latest series called "playroom".

In short terms, he uses kids plays to illustrate taboos in the grown up worlds. Provoked?

Check out a bunch of the images at  THECHIVE.COM and read all about it at his website.


Video: Understanding sync speed with studio lights

Surfing the web has proven to be good idea time and time again for me at least.

My latest discovery is these very well executed videos on photography. Do yourself a favour and watch it.

And link to the video


Selling framed prints

I dug up some old framed photos which were literally collecting dust, so I thought to myself - why not sell them cheap to whoever might find it interesting? Hell, I'm selling it for less than the price of the frame itself.

Bids start at 99 DKK per photo and ends at 199 DKK. And you can bid ANYTHING in between as long as it is more than previous bids and a whole number (like 153 DKK.)

For each 200 DKK bidden, 50 DKK will be donated to charity.

All you have to do is note your bid as a comment here. I'll update as often as I can.

The numbers are listed from 2 to 14 (number 1 is the overview photo)

I'll leave the bids running for some time, not sure how long though. If you win a bid, show up at my address and pick up your prize - it's that simple.


3 - 99 DKK 100 DKK 110 DKK







10 - 100 DKK


12 - 100 DKK


14 - 100 DKK


Clash Festival – The artists

After spending two days taking photos of all the artists from the Clash Festival, I ended up editing 41 images for the online magazine (which can also be found in print at the festival)

Here they are in random order:


New York Flight jeoparized because of Volcano erruption

I guess the headline says it all.

I'm scheduled to fly Saturday 7.50, but all flight traffic in northern Europe has been canceled, so at this very moment I'm actually not sure when I'll leave.

It's oh so exiting in the non cool way. ^^


Ice Ice baby

That's it, it's finally come to this.

Hell has frozen over. Hell being Copenhagen, not because it's a terrible place, but because Copenhagen is hosting the metalfestival with prominent names such as Megadeth and Deftones, and of course the danish Supercharger - yeah, I did their press photos - I Rock. But back to the freezing - It's still cold as hell here in Copenhagen - 3 consecutive months with snow and frost kinda makes you think - Is this global warming just another publicity stunt? Is the sequel to The day after tomorrow coming perhaps?

Nevertheless, I got all inspired and dug up some old shots with a freezing theme.

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